Can Anyone Tell Me The Restriction Code For A Nokia 6300?


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All restriction codes are different; no matter what phone you have and whether it is the same as someone else’s. To find the restriction code for a Nokia 6300, you should first contact your service provider and see if they can provide you with one. If they can’t, then you can always download software that will generate the code to unlock your phone, these are easily accessible on websites for a small payment or for free. Make sure that you know your IMEI number when unlocking your phone yourself, otherwise you will get nowhere.

The IMEI number is on your phone under your battery, so it’s easy to find on the phone (or you can simply type *#06# into your phone and the IMEI number will appear on your home screen). Following this, you can either call your current network provider or type the make and model of the phone you own into software that you have downloaded and take the SIM card out of your phone.

It is then as simple as following the instructions that they software gives you. There will be a number of codes that you can use, and the correct restriction code for a Nokia 6300 with your IMEI number will some be produced. Then you will able to put a SIM card of any network into the phone and it will work perfectly well.

Alternatively, if you do not have time to do this, you will always be able find a shop or stall that will already have software in place to do this for you at a small cost, which makes the process a personal choice. Either way, you can be sure that whichever way you choose to unlock you phone it’s going to work!
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Please help me ..... I need a restriction code of nokia 6300 IMEI no:-354199032979777 please please ... Help me out ... I will be very thank full 2 you...
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Normally Nokia codes are set as "12345" so you can check this but if it will not work then following link can help you to get out of your problem. The link is:
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This is a terrible answer! for one thing the code hes talking about is the security code for locking it to prevent someone else using your phone, not a code for unrestricting it. entering that code is just going to waste one of your 3-5 attempts to unlock the phone! enter it a couple more times just to make sure it doesn't work and the phone is probably bricked.

this phone cant be unrestricted with a code alone, but even ones that can don't have a generic code that will unlock all of them. its a different one for each phone and you need the specific phones IMEI number to calculate it.

however by all accounts the nokia 6300 is part of the bb5 series and cannot be unlocked with a code anyway. I'm afraid if you want to unlock a nokia 6300 you need to take it to a professional to have it unlocked.

but unless you live in the countryside you probably are no more than 500m from a shop that will do it for you.....
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I hav restriction cod on optus can u help me to unlock i want to usse idfeent sim imei cod is 359544010037632
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Can anyone please tell me the restriction code for a nokia 6300, t-mobile phone but wants a vodafone sim in it .x
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To help you out I would suggest that you visit the link below. The site contains all kinds of codes for all Nokia cell phones. Just follow the steps and you will get it. Thank you!
Restriction Code

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