What Is Ashley Tisdale's Cell Phone Number?


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There is a simple answer to this question, and this is that you are never going to know. She is never going to give out her cell number so people can put it on the internet. There are going to be many fake numbers that you are going to come across but you need not get your hopes up as this is not going to be realistic and you shouldn't bother calling it.

She is not going to give her number out for many reasons:

· She is not going to want people calling her personal number

Think about it, if you were famous would you want thousands and thousands of people calling you all day every day?

· She would change her number if it was on the internet

If her number was accessible for everyone, then she would simply change it before it got out of hand.

· Her PA company would not allow the number to be online as this is a danger to her

If her number was online then people would be able to find out her personal details and therefore she would have to move and change her home address.

These are simply some of the reasons as to why famous celebrities to not have the cell number online and do not allow people to have access to their number that they do not want to contact. It is simple to understand and it is the reason why you are not going to be able to fine Ashley's number wherever you are going to look.

Stalkers would simply have a field day if her cell number was online and for her own safety (and probably to your disappointment) it is not online, and it never will be! You are simply going to have to survive with e-mailing her official website and trying to get hold of her.
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Her number is 7692269669 call it she is soooo nice really call her
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