How Do I Reset A Sim Lock Code For Samsung B3310?


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I am sure you have already looked at other places on the Internet for the answer to your question before you placed it on here and have discovered that all the information about Sim lock codes relates to actually  unlocking them, and not about re-setting them. The reason for this is probably because Sim lock codes have been designed to make the cell phone secure so that nobody else can use it.

This means that Samsung are not going to make it easy for people to find out how to do it otherwise there would be no point in providing that level of security in the first place. Naturally, this makes things difficult for the people who have a genuine reason for wanting to re-set the Sim lock code on their own phone.

The first thing to try is to phone Samsung's customer service; this will be the number that you were given when you first got the phone. If you cannot remember it, you will be able to find contact details for Samsung on their website. When you speak to an operator you will have to give them security information so that they know that they are speaking to the person who the phone is registered with.

If this is not possible for whatever reason, you could take your cell phone to a Samsung phone shop and ask for advice there (or even a general cell phone retailer). The trouble with this solution is that there may be a charge associated with this service. To make sure, ask the assistant before they do anything and then you can make the decision of whether you want to pay for it or not. Hopefully, you will be able to use your phone again very soon.

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