I Forgot The Lock Code Of My Nokia 6600 How Do I Reset It?


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On some phones, you can factory re-set the phone directly from the settings menu. Some phones require a code to be keyed into the keypad, which automatically resets the phone. The lock code for the Nokia 6600 should be *#7780#, which you type into the keypad. If this doesn't work, there are other methods allowing you to return your phone to its original settings.

Doing a hard reset can fix many little glitches that can be encountered with phones. Before you do this, it is highly recommended that you back up everything on the memory of the phone. If you don't, you may be at risk of losing all your pictures, contacts and messages.

To do a hard reset for the Nokia 6600, you need to switch the phone off completely. Once the phone is off, press a combination of buttons that will allow the phone to reset. You need to press the green (call) key, the red (disconnect) key, and the camera key all together. Then, press the power button. You need to hold those keys until the standard Nokia "hand" welcome image comes onto the screen. You can then release the buttons, and allow the phone to reset. Be warned, you will most likely lose all the phone memory data. It will also clear all call data, any locking passwords and reset the clock/calendar. The security code will then be reset to the default 1234(5 as additional digit at the end, for some models).

On some Nokia phones, if you have installed the software that comes with the phone onto your computer, once the hard reset has been performed, you should be able to reboot your saved files, messages and contacts onto your phone.
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Nokia 6600 I forget lock code
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The default phone lock password of Nokia is  12345 or 00000  Hope it works if you have not changed your security code. If you have changed  then according to your IMEI analysis your Nokia Master password is: 7207177457  It will work as your security password If it doesn't work too then  you can get online free Phone lock Password for your cell. If you want to then  you can jus try to use here  After getting your Cell info they will give you master reset code for your  mobile at more easy way to unlock your nokia 6600...
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*22890, the phone will reprogram and reset the user lock code to the new last 4 of your new prepaid number and boom there you go, use it and your phone is unlocked
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Now you can't unlock it. But you can go to market and there you'd find this service. And they will break the code easily. It's not very costly. You can have this service on very cheap rates. But originally Nokia's code which is set by the company is "123345" If you've not changed it then you can try it as well.
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What you need 2 do is,hold the following bottons at the same time,3,*,#,send,switch on
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I have nokia6600. It had a problem that it never send messages. And few months ago I put a lock on it.
Now I forgot that lock. After several attempts the following dialog started to appear on my mobile
"lock code entered incorrectly 5 times. Code will unblock after 5 mins."

well then I reset my mobile. By pressing "*" "call" "3" together.
Every thing got formated . Now I can msg. BUT when I tried to set password again it asked for code?
Now what code it asked for? I however used "12345" but again it showed
"lock code entered incorrectly 5 times.. Code will unblock after 5 mins."

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