I Have Lost My Sim Card, How To Write A Letter To Police Station For New Sim Through Company?


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You need to contact your mobile phone provider directly rather than the police, the police cannot assist in this matter. Your phone provider may be able to send you a new SIM card. You can go into the phone store of your provider, they should be able to either deal with your problem themselves or refer you on to customer services. They may speak to customer services for you if you ask.

Different phone providers will have different policies on issuing a replacement SIM. Some may send a new one out free of charge. However, others may charge a fixed amount, if this is the case though it should only be a small amount. You could write directly to your phone provider explaining what the issue is. Although this is likely to take longer, writing a letter formally shows that you are serious and that you care enough to go to this amount of effort. Also it allows them to deal with the issue without it being confrontational.

     The other option is to buy a new SIM that will work with your current contract if you have one. Your phone provider will be able to advise you on which one to get. If there is any danger of details being lost then you should be able to either save them to the phone itself, your computer or your phone store should be able to back up the information for you. Phone providers will often be able to send multiple SIM cards in case of loss so there will always be extra available in case of an emergency.
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I've lost my vodofone sim and mobile, Please provide me a format to write a letter to file a FIR so that I can block the sim and get a new sim with the same number.

Many thanks for your help.
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I Have Lost My Sim Card, How To Write A Letter To Police Station For New Sim Through Company?
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The  Inspector of Police,
Police Station, xxxxxxxx

Respected Sir,

Sub:  Loss of my passport No: Xxxxxxxx

This is to bring to your kind attention that I have lost my passport No: Exxxxxxxx on my way from xxxxroad xxxxxxx to xxxxxxxxx on 15/02/2011 at 10: 30 AM, while riding on my bike. When this loss was reported to passport office they instructed me to intimate this matter to your office and get the relevant loss certificate from your good self.

Therefore I request you to kindly issue me the same at your earliest convenience so that I can apply for replacement  of my passport in lieu of the lost one

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

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You can just lodge a complaint, not get a sim card, you need to contact the mobile operator for that.
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