What's The Pin Code For A Net10 Phone?


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Each Net10 phone will have a different code.

  • The code is related to where you purchased the phone
When you purchase a prepaid phone it will come with the relevant PIN code. Usually this is on a card that comes with the phone that allows you to load the minutes. You have to scratch away the material hiding the number and then type in the code that is revealed.

  • Adding more time to your prepaid phone requires a new code
Each time you use up the minutes you first obtained with the purchase of the phone you need to reload it with minutes. With a prepaid phone you are usually prompted to reload it when you are approaching the end of your minutes. You can do so over the phone in which the top-up code will be sent via text message.

Simply use the text message code to reload the phone, then you can continue to make calls.

  • You can buy new top-up codes
If you do not have a prompt that comes up with the end of your minutes because it has been too long since you used the phone, you can purchase a new card.
Visit a gas station or other shop that has prepaid phone card minutes for the Net10. Buy the card, scratch away to reveal the new code and you are able to continue using the phone.

All phones are specific with the pin code because it represents the minutes and your usage. You could potentially buy someone else's unused minutes, but only if they are willing to sell. No one is likely to give you a free code as it would mean using their minutes that they purchased.
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I need a pin code for my lg320
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