What Is Unlock Code Of Lg 320g + Net10?


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If you are looking to unlock your LG 320G mobile phone and are struggling to find the code that is required for it, you need to consider one of several options. When your phone locks itself, this is usually because you have set a code on your SIM, or on the general handset, meaning that you have to enter this code to access the mobile phone. However, these codes are very finicky and unforgiving; if you write the code in wrong too many times, it will result in the phone locking itself.

To find your specific code for your LG 320G handset, you need to do the following:

  • Contact your network provider

When this occurs to your mobile phone, your first port of call must be your network provider. These are the only people that will be able to provide you with the code that will unlock your mobile phone and revert it back to a stage where you can actually use it. This can be a pain due to the necessity of ringing up call centers to request this information, so ensure that you have a decent amount of spare time on your hands before you look into finding your unlock code.

You may need to provide additional information about you and your mobile phone upon getting into contact with your network provider, to prove that it is actually your mobile phone and you haven't stolen it. Examples of this could be your address, the number behind your SIM and the full name of the person that took out the contract of your mobile phone.

  • Visit a market

A surprising amount of market stalls offer the service of unlocking mobile phones for a small fee, whether that's unlocking in the sense of allowing the phone to be used by any network, or fixing it so it can be used at all.

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