Is There A Universal Pin Code For Nokia Cell Phone?


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Pin codes help to protect your cell phone from unauthorized use. If you want to use your old Nokia phone but have forgotten the pin, you may try 0000 or 1111 as these are usually the universal pin codes for Nokia phones. If you are using your cell for the first time, the code is usually supplied along with the SIM card (possibly 0000 or 1111). You are advised to change the original code to a personal one as soon as the phone is charged and ready to use. It is also recommended to write down the new code and store it away in a safe place in case you forget the code in the future. However, if you enter your pin incorrectly three consecutive times, the phone will automatically lock and you will need a PUK code (eight digits long) to activate the phone. PUK stands for Personal Unblocking Key) and can be obtained by calling your network operator who will go through some details with you before sending you the code. Alternatively, if you can’t use your cell phone due to ‘keylock’, you may deactivate this feature by entering the code, 12345. Keylock is useful to lock the phone keypad so you do not call someone or press buttons by accident.
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Pin standard
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I use a Nokia phone pin code for it 12345. If you want to lock or unlock, or clear the content
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How can  I create paired relationship with nokia 6300 and my laptop so that I can use blueteeth connection since it is asking me to enter blueteeth PIN code?
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Every mobile phone has individual and unique phone code and that only works with same mobile. You can try 0000 or 1111 to unlock any Nokia phone because this is universal code and can be used with different mobiles.

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