Can I Go Online And Check My Kids Text Messages?


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The answer to this depends on the kind of phone your children have. Perhaps ironically, if they have an older, less sophisticated phone, the likelihood of you being able to check their messages online decreases, as in many areas, the less sophisticated something is, the fewer points it has at which it can fail or be hacked and the less likely it is that someone will have invested time and money in developing a system to let people other than the phone’s owners get access to text messages.

This stops being a problem if they have a smartphone of any kind (iPhone, Android phone etc). Because these devices are so much more than mere phones, and are very widely used, companies have developed a number of software packages, such as Mobile Spy, which allow you access to the data being held on such phones.

These packages vary in their quality and capabilities. Some merely forward text messages to the observer’s account, which, while providing the basic information you want, will also add to the bill for the phone, essentially, you’re paying for two text messages for every one sent. Other systems sit invisibly on the phone, do not increase the phone bill, and relay not only every text the phone sends, but also those it receives, any photos or videos stored on it, and even, in some cases, allows the observer to get a GPS fix on the phone at regular intervals (which of course can be useful in cases of phone loss, as well as to secretly check on the content of messages).

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