What Is Nokia 2630 Secret Codes?


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There are Nokia 2630 secret codes that you can use for different functions. These codes are typed into the cell phone and can make it show different things on the screen. These are anything from a different date and time setting to the codes for the WiFi you have set up on the phone.

  • Use at your own risk
Nokia codes are not there to be used by the public on these cell phones. They are for the use of Nokia when diagnosing a problem or when they need to view something that has been on a cell phone. If you do use these to change your display, you may find that Nokia will not repair your cell phone if it becomes damaged or it breaks as you have, technically, tampered with the settings of the phone.

  • Where to look for the codes
You can look online for the different codes and you will see that they all show different things. There are also codes that change different things on different phone models.

Looking online can be risky as you do not know whether the code you are being given is correct and whether it will do any damage to your phone. Nokia will not give these codes out unless you have an issue that they are trying to resolve over the telephone. For this reason, there are not many places you can get the codes other than online.

  • Compatibility
You should make sure that you check that your cell phone is compatible with the code that has been suggested. If it is not, it may cause damage and you will have to buy a new phone if the damage can not be fixed.
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*#06# ver imei
*#0000# firmware
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I have to put te security code to keypad

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