How Do You Format Nokia 3110c Phone Memory?


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It is not clear what you actually mean when you say you need to format the memory. There may be several reasons why you need to reset your phone or clear the phone's memory and settings in order to start over again. Sometimes people attempt to wipe their phone of all software if they have forgotten their security code or been locked out, this will not usually help the situation. If this is what you have done, when you get the phone up and running again you will again have to enter the security code.

More often than not phones become clogged up with data files and music and this will require the memory to be formatted. There are a number of things you can do in order to wipe a phone clean.
  • Firstly you can "reset factory settings", this will take the phone back to how it was when you first bought it. You can usually do this by accessing the "options" or "settings" menu on the phone's menu. Be careful though, as any information or data you have on the phone will be wiped permanently.

  • You could try re-installing the phone's software. Firmware is the system used to run a Nokia phone and updates can be obtained from the Nokia website. All you need to do is obtain the software from the official site and then download it onto the phone using a data cable to connect the phone to the computer.

  • If you are worried about tampering with the phone settings you could just try deleting any large files such as ring tones or pictures, these often slow down a phone by using memory.

  • If all else fails, take the phone to a local store which specializes in Nokia phones, they should be able to help you solve this problem, often for no charge.
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Phone memory format
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You can format it by
*#7780# or *#7730# default code is 12345

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