How To Hack Airtel Recharge?


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There is no specific information that details how to hack Airtel recharge. The only way you will be able to recharge your cell phone is by paying the requested amount of money. Once you run out of prepaid minutes, you will not be able to make any phone calls until you have recharged them.

  • How to recharge minutes for Airtel: Step 1
Before you can start to use your phone again you need to pay for more minutes, and to do this you need to access

This link should take you to the prepaid Airtel page that identifies how you can update your minutes.

  • Step 2
In order to get the process started you have to fill in the relevant information. The first thing is to type in the phone number you are purchasing minutes for, followed by how much you want to have recharged. After that you will need to enter the phone number again in the appropriate box. You will then be requested to type the verification code that you see on your screen and click on 'proceed.'

  • Step 3
The next part of the process is the payment section. The screen should display an option for you to fill in the relevant payment details. In this instance you will have to enter a Mastercard or Visa card number as well as the expiration date, and the billing address associated with the card. If you have done this before then your payment information should still be saved on the system. Click on 'proceed' to go to the next section.

  • Step 4
The screen should appear with all the information you have entered in order for you to check that everything is correct. Click on 'proceed' and your Airtel phone should receive the minutes you requested.
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Dial 156132 on your mobile
after that dial 9151236
Enter pin 011112458984
recharge done!

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