I Forgot My Nokia 2630 Security Code. What To Do?


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If a Nokia cell phone has become locked, and the owner has forgotten the security code of the Nokia 2630, there are a number of options available to unlock the phone.

• Try to insert the correct PUK code

Most cell phones will allow three incorrect entries of PUK code before the handset becomes totally locked. The default codes for most Nokia phones are either 0000, or 1234, or 5555. By entering these codes the phone may become unlocked. There are more reliable ways to unlock the phone.

• Call the service provider

A call to the service provider will enable Nokia 2630 security code reset. The person you speak to will require some personal information off you, and there will be a couple of security questions. The answers to these questions would have been given when registering the phone. Answering these questions correctly will enable the service provider to unlock the phone for you, and enable you to reset the security code.

• Find the IMEI number of the phone

The IMEI number of the phone will be needed in order to unlock the phone. This can be obtained in two ways. The first is to look under the battery of the phone, where the IMEI number is printed. The easier way is to dial *#06#. The IMEI number will be displayed on the screen of the phone.

• Take the phone to an unlocking service

There are a number of shops that can unlock phones for a small fee, and these are often used to enable the phone to be used on other network service providers, as well as resetting the security code of the phone.

• Nokia 2630

The Nokia 2630 is a basic cell phone that was introduced in the market in 2006. The phone is a light model that incorporates a digital camera, and is Bluetooth enabled.
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I forget my nokia 2630 security code
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I have security error in 2630 nokia?
Please help me
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358672014039983# MY imei of my 3110 c. . . Pls help wit security code
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I have Chinese Model Nokia N98+ but with dual sim card but only one is functioning and the other kept showing no - service message. How do I get both to function properly. I`ve tried reset already.
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Try this code to unlock the security code: *22899 and if this doesn't work that the only way to get rid of the code is to take it to the Nokia Service store!

Osman Ahmed.

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