How To Block A Caller Form Calling My Boost Mobile Phone?


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You can do a few things to block a caller from a boost mobile phone. Some of these are hard to do and others relatively easy.

  • You can contact your network provider and ask them to block the number for you. This will mean that all of the calls and text messages will not come through to you. Your network provider should not charge you for this service and it will make sure that you will not receive any calls from this particular number. This is a lasting service though and you will not be able to ask the network provider to block and unblock numbers when you feel like it. This may take a few days to go through on their systems.
  • You could also download an app to do this for you. There are many apps on the market, some are free and others you have to pay for. These will block the calls from any number that you type into your downloaded app. These all have different features and some will even give you the option to send the calls to voicemail so that you can still listen to messages from this person. You may even be able to receive or block the text messages, it really is up to you.
  • If you are receiving nuisance calls and they are getting more and more frequent or getting in the way of you going about your normal day, you should consider reporting the calls so that something can be done about the calls by the authorities. This could be an ex who is constantly contacting you, or even a company that is trying to sell something but if you feel that the amount they call you is obsessive, you should get it looked into.
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Main menu, profiles, standard then menu,edit, call filter, ok, all contacts or some contacts you should then find the person in your contact list you want to remove (I.E THIS WILL NOT WORK THE UNLESS THE NUMBER IS IN YOUR CONTACTS...

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