How To View Your Boost Mobile Call Records?


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There are a few different ways of viewing your Boost mobile call records. You can view them directly on the handset, online or ask for itemized bills to be sent on paper.

To check your Boost mobile call records on your actual handset then simply follow these steps:

  • Head to your main menu option (which can be found by pressing 'OK')

  • Scroll through the menu until you find the option named 'Call History'

  • Click on 'Call History', you will see the options of 'Incoming Calls' and 'Outgoing Calls'

  • Select which option you want to view and you can see your call records
If you would prefer to check your Boost mobile call records online then follow these steps:

  • Head to the Boost website at

  • Click on 'My Account' which can be found on the menu bar at the top of the page

  • Enter your Boost phone number that you wish to check the records from

  • Confirm your 4 digit pin code for your account

  • Head to 'Call History' in your account menu

  • Again you will then be able to view all your call records
If you would prefer to be sent itemized bills via the post then this may well be possible if you ask at a Boost store or contact them online or over the phone. They may charge you a small fee for this if it is not a regular service they provide. Therefore it is probably easier and cheaper to check on your phone or online.
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Login to your account with your phone number and pin under
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I would like to check in out phone call
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My mother has not received a phone call from her son in two weeks.we would like to know the last call that was made on his phone please.

my incoming and out going call recording my cell phone but not show on cell phone. Recording call automatic save my email or mobile in safe zone

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