Access My Call History On Boostmobile?


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There are two ways to do this. You can do it on your handset by clicking the 'OK' navigation button on the phone, to get on to the main menu applications screen. Use your up and down arrow keys on the handset to look through the menu applications. They will highlight as you scroll over them. You need to press the OK button once you have highlighted the 'call history' section. Then, use the up and down arrow keys again to highlight all the different call history entries.

You can choose from the outgoing calls you've made and the incoming calls as well as all your missed calls. It's as easy to do as any other kind of phone out there. If you want to view the details of any kind of call, you can just click the OK button and you will be able to view all the details about each of the calls.

You can look at the call details on the Internet as well, which is one of the great benefits of using a Boostmobile cell phone. Start by going to the Boost Mobile official website, you can access it by a simple Google search.

Once you've got the official website up, you need to click the 'my account' link which can be found at the top of the page. Once you're at the page you need to enter your 10-digit Boost mobile wireless cell phone number, as well as your four-digit account PIN. Enter all your own personal details and then click 'submit'. You'll then be given all of your call records in an easy to use format right in front of you. If you have any more queries you merely need to get in touch with the call centre and they'll give you as much as help as you need.

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