How can i get my call history?


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If you are looking to find your call history on your mobile, you need to be sure of a couple of things. If you want to see who you have been calling recently, or if you are having a look at your partner's phone to see who they have been calling, you need to be sure that the calling history hasn't already been deleted. Once the call history has been deleted, it will be completely removed from the system, meaning that it will never be accessed again. However, if you don't think anyone has recently deleted the call history on the phone, you can follow these steps to access the list:

• Calls menu

Access your mobile phone and select the Calls menu. Most phones have such a menu, so this is a step for all. If you cannot find your Calls menu, you may need to refer to your instruction manual, which will direct you in the right place. This menu will either direct you towards your lists of different types of calls, or show you a list automatically.

• Lists

If your phone is already showing you a list after you access the Calls menu, you may be confused as to which list is which. Some phones show calls in "Missed Calls", "Received Calls" and "Outgoing Calls", meaning that there should be the option to access three different lists of calls.

• Viewing lists

As you view the lists, you can choose which one you wish to read then hopefully, if no one has deleted the calls on the list, you will be able to see which calls have recently been made, whether the phone is yours or your child's, or even your partner's. The calls will be shown with either number or name and the time and date upon which they occurred.

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