Can I Check My Call History Online? How Can I


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You can check your call history online, but how you do it depends on your service provider.  For some companies, the call history is available immediately after the call was made.  For others, you have to wait until the end of your billing cycle.  For instance, if your provider is Sprint, your call history is not available until the billing cycle is over.  Some plans have restrictions as to the types of calls that can be viewed online.  T-Mobile does not allow Kidsonnect plants to view their history online.  Verizon allows you to view your call history online, as well as Alltel, Cingular and many others.

Some systems such as Vonage, have a complete call history available as soon as the call was made.  You can view a complete history of your messages too.  You can print it off or take a screen shot.  Although most companies allow you to view complete call history online, some limit you as to how long the calls will stay visible.  Some limit it to a few days or a month. 

In order to access you call history, many providers allow you to do it directly from your phone by entering a pin or secret passcode.  Some require you to set up an online login that you can use from their website to access the details of your calling plan. The details about viewing your call history differ from company to company and the best advice is to contact your service provider in regards their policies.  Most providers have a customer service number that would be happy to answer any questions that you have.  This information can be found on many phones in the area that gives phone information, or it can be found on your bills. 

All companies have a website that will have contact information and a number or e-mail that you can use to find the answer to any question that to have.  If all else fails, simply type in the name of your company into a search engine and go to their main web site.  They will lease have a number to their customer service department, which is usually the best route to get any questions that you might have answered by dedicated and knowledgeable representatives.
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Check missed calls
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Go into menu on your phone and to your missed calls, etc.  That will take you to your call history and you can scroll throughout it.  If this does not help find your users manual that came with the phone.  If you don't have it you can probably find it online or call your phone company and they should be able to walk you through it.  Hope this helps a little.

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