How To Get My Cell Phone History For Incoming And Outgoing Calls And Texts?


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In general, your cell phone history for calls and texts is stored on your sim card. If you have deleted it, you’re looking at few options depending on your carrier, GSM tariff plan, and mobile phone: Retrieve it from your carrier or use adequate spy software.

There are many mobile carriers that offer the service of retrieving your incoming and outgoing calls lists. Ask you agent what choices you’ve got. This may require an additional monthly fee, but this fee is more often than not extremely low (a few pounds per month or even less). You may retrieve your cell phone history for the last six months or even a year, provided that you haven’t changed your plan or your number during this time. Please keep in mind that this is subject to change and purely contextual. There are many service providers which don’t offer this package at all.

Retrieving your text messages may be much more difficult. You can either check for a service similar to the one described above, or address an official request to your carrier. They might be able to help, as long as you can prove that your identity is related those messages. Unfortunately, most of these carriers don’t keep an SMS database.

With spy software, you have a strange, yet effective alternative to these solutions. Install such software on your phone and watch the miracle. You’ll have access to any information, from call lists to text messages, and even more. Keeping such software updated is crucial for the quality of data. However, this comes with drawbacks: 1. Anybody who has access to your phone can easily copy the information; and 2. Installing spy software requires a lot of disk space, which may increase with time. The more text messages you send and receive and the more phone calls you make, the bigger the space needed for your spy software.
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I want to know how can I get list from my phone of incoming call from two days ago
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I want to know how to get incoming calls from a cheating husband
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1) on the internet go to the manufacturer website.  Look for the tutorial for the model of your phone,  The Mfr and Model can be accessed under "My Settings" on most phones.  On the web site look for how to access recent calls.  Generally they are divided into inbound and outbound calls.  You can generally see at least the last 25 or so calls.  Or you can go on-line to your cell phone account (with ATT, Verizon, T- Mobile etc) and look at your current  calls on-line.
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Most of the time you can request it from your phone company and they will send it to you for a charge but it can be done because my phone company done it for me twice.

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