I Forget The Password Of My Nokia 6303 Plz Tell Me The Procedure Of Breaking Code?


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The question must be careful with the direction it is leading - Blurtit cannot advise how to hack a piece of hardware or software; it can only advise if there is a legitimate reason it's locked and a legitimate options to unlock it.Under Section 2.4 of the Blurtit terms of service: "When using the Blurtit Q&A service, please recognize that the answers provided are not necessarily correct. And Blurtit are not responsible for any consequences resulting from your reliance on any Blurtit service. Blurtit Q&A should never be used as a substitute for advice from a qualified professional."

The memory card problem also occurs in the Nokia 3120c. The card will be a MicroSD card, as that is what fits cellphones. The solution is to use an adapter card. These are full size SD cards with a special slot for the MicroSD. Often these cards come with the MicroSD upon purchase, so you don't need to search online for one, but if you do then they are very common and very low priced.

You then plug that adapter SD card into your computer's SD card slot and open up the memory card via your operating system. Most have an automated pop-up that tells you the card has been detected. The likelihood is that you need to format the card, to wipe the password, but you should look at what it's storing first. If you don't have an SD card slot then this route still works but you additionally need a USB pen to plug into a USB drive.

You don't have to wipe the card of course - you could just choose to always access the card like this. The card may be passworded for your phone to access but it won't be for your computer to do the same. This is because the card acts in two memory capacities; one function is as phone memory, meaning anything that is compatible with the phone is accessible off that card. The other function is mass storage. This means the card can hold data not compatible with the phone and just store it, for later use in the SD card.
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