I Forget My Security Code Of Nokia 7610 Supernova Pls Tell Me The Master Key Of Nokia 7610supernova?


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Tim Cook answered

The first place you should visit to unlock your Nokia 7160 Supernova is Nokia themselves at networks.nokia.com/about-us/contact-us.

For a downloadable PDF guide on unlocking your Supernova 7610, visit nds1.nokia.com/phones/files. 

To unlock your Supernova 7610, all it should take is the following:

  • Switch off the phone
  • Press and hold the green talk button
  • Input +3+*
  • Power the phone back up

For more details, check these sites which have user guides on unlocking this type of Nokia:

  • mobifreedom.net/unlocking
  • unlockallcellular.com
  • gsmunlocking.eu/phone

If you need to perform a hard reset on your Supernova 7610, visit hardreset.info/devices/nokia to find out how.

This Spanish YouTube user claims to be able to unlock a Nokia Supernova 7610 in under a minute, why not try his method out, if you can keep up!

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