Where I Can Get A Barbie I Can Be Codes?


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Barbie I Can Be codes are available so that users can unlock the ten available channels. These ten codes are; Ballerina - A224U, Pizza Chef - I8ASl1CE, Dentist - FLO$$, Baby Sitting - 999FTE - K1DDO, Swimming Instructor - P00lG1RL, Snowboarder - HALFP1PE, Wedding Stylist - EYED0, Race Care - VR00M, Rock Star - 4FANZ, Pet Vet - AN1ML and Ballroom Dancer - DANCE4FUN. When you log into the Barbie I Can Be website there is a box in the top right hand corner that says 'Have you got a code?'. This is where you can enter the codes above to unlock the secret videos. Codes can only be used by users who have signed up for the Barbie I Can Be website. Registering is free and enables users to save their details, such as any awards they have one, and access the additional content that is locked with secret codes.

Barbie I Can Be (available at is a website where children can select a type of Barbie and use her to play games, watch videos and win awards doing so. The website is similar to those of Virtual Worlds but it does not give users the opportunity to interact. Users can choose between a variety of games including; Potty Race, Super Wedding Stylist, Sugar Bug Blast, Ready Set Check up, Little Critter Clinic, Race Car Cutie, Fan-Tastic Concert, Tutu Star, Cakery Bakery, Splashin Bash, Years of Careers, Presto Pizza, Disco Ballroom, Halfpipe Pixie, Pom Pom Squad, Kiddie Classroom, Good Morning Barbie and Data Diva. Each of these games has individual achievements that can be collected as awards and kept in an award trophy cabinet. Users can also watch a range of videos of interviews with real people carrying out the jobs that Barbie I Can Be has games for. These videos include a baby sitter video, a ballerina video, a dentist video, a kid doctor video, a pet vet video, a rock star video and a trapeze artist video.
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VR00M for race car driver. The 0 is the number zero don`t forget.
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A224U = Ballerina
FLO$$ = Dentist
P00LG1RL = Swimming Instructor
HALFP1PE = Snowboarder
EYED0 = Wedding Stylist
VR00M = Race Car driver
4FANZ = Rock Star
AN1ML = Pet Vet
K1DD0 = Babysitter
Kid doctor = G3TWL
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Snowboarder - HALFP1PE
dentist - FLO$$
ballerina - A224U
Wedding stylist - EYED0
Doctor - G3TWL
race car - VR00M
rock star - 4FANZ
Swim instructor - P00LG1RL
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Eyed0. But the o is a zero.
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A224u = ballerina
flo$$ = dentist
4fanz = rockstar
halfp1pe = snowboarder
p00lgirl = swimming instructor
vr00m = race car driver
an1ml = pet vet
eyed0 = wedding designer
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From the doll                packages  and the disco ballroom is an the shops and look in target chatswood westfield
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You can get I Can Be Barbie Codes in the Barbie packages that have, "I Can Be" written on the box.  You're welcome.

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