Can You Tell Me A Real Barbie Icanbe Code?


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A224U = Ballerina
FLO$$ = Dentist (NOT A ZERO)
P00LG1RL = Swimming Instructor
HALFP1PE = Snowboarder
EYED0 = Wedding Stylist
VR00M = Race Car driver
4FANZ = Rock Star
AN1ML = Pet Vet
K1DD0 = Babysitter

I can't get onto the cake game thing, can any of you?
All the o's are zeros :)
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Eyed0 -for wedding designervr00m -for race car driver4fanz -for rock star p00lg 1 rl -for swimming instructiona224u -for ballerinak1dd0 -for babysitter am1ml -for pet vet
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Here are some codes

HALF P 1PE for snow border
EYED0 for wedding stylist
AN1ML for pet vet
P00LG1RL for swimming instructer
VR00M race car cutie
4FANZ rock star
A224U ballarina
FLO$$ dentist (NOT A ZERO)
G3TWL kid docter

  wish I had more
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If I even had one, I wouldn't give it to you.

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