Codes From "I Can" Barbie. Can Anyone Provide Me The Code In Her Box?


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  • The fact you have said 'the code in her box' really answers your own question. You need to have access to the box and therefore you need to buy one of the Barbie dolls that comes with the codes to be used on
When looking at the Barbie dolls in a store it should be fairly clear on the packaging which ones do indeed provide you with a special code to use online. However if you are still unsure it is a good idea to ask a shop assistant, if they can confirm there will be a code with the doll you are planning on purchasing.

You may well find a few codes online if you search hard enough, but this is not recommended as you may well be wasting a lot of time for no reward. This is because the codes can only be used once and so the majority of people who buy the Barbie doll will obviously want to use the code themselves.

Therefore, the very limited amount of generous people who may put their unwanted code online will have it snapped up and used straight away by someone else.

This will leave many codes on websites that are no longer valid and so you could spend hours typing in codes to then find out not a single one works. So as you can see the best way to get a code is to actually buy the Barbie doll yourself.

It may be the more expensive way to do it but of course you get the doll as well and save yourself a lot of frustration and hours of trawling through
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Vr00m for race car driver
eyed0 for wedding stylist
only that your welcome!
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Yes I know the ballerina code it is a224u and for wedding stylist is eyedo try these codes
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Good barbie
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Umm... Just go and suurk (sorry search) google. Type for example: "Barbie I can be code for dentist"

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