What Is The Code Of Barbie I Can Be Cheerleader?


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Codes for Barbie: I Can Be a Cheerleader can be found on the box of Cheerleader Barbie dolls. Cheerleader Barbie dolls can be purchased from a range of toy shops on the high street, or alternatively over the Internet for optimal convenience.

After buying a Cheerleader Barbie doll, you can use your unique code to access extra features on the Barbie: I Can Be website. If you do not have a code and don't want to purchase a Barbie doll, you are still free to play to game, as there is automatic access to a range of play features. All you need to do is sign up with a valid email address and the consent of a parent or guardian.

  • Barbie: I Can Be
The Barbie: I Can Be range features a variety of Barbie dolls, which each have their own career. For instance, there is an architect Barbie, a chef Barbie and a vet Barbie. Children can choose which Barbie doll they want and play make-believe games with them, the idea being that the Barbie will act out their profession.

The Barbie: I Can Be range aims to inspire young girls to pursue different careers and develop life goals. Unlike the original Barbie, it shows young girls there are many opportunities in life that can be pursued. The range aims to take away the idea that being successful is all about wearing pretty clothes and make up.

  • The Barbie: I Can Be website
The Barbie: I Can Be website is aimed at children and preteens. It has a variety of fun games, such as Disco Ballroom and Presto Pizza, which involve elements such as time challenges and design. They are straightforward and enjoyable to play. Users of the site can also dress up their Barbie and choose their Barbie's career, learning more about what different jobs are about.

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