What Is The Barbie I Can Be A Teacher Code?


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The only way to legally get the teacher promo code for the Barbie I Can Be dolls is to buy the Teacher doll at a toy store. When you purchase the Barbie doll, you'll receive a special code inside of the box, which you can use on the official Barbie website; here is the web address of the Barbie home page for the I Can Be dolls - There may be illegal promo codes for these dolls floating around the Internet, but we can't give out illegal codes here - it's just not right, and it spoils the fun for people who collect the dolls and collect the official codes each time they get a new I Can Be Barbie doll.

  • About the dolls

This special line of Barbie dolls represents the dreams, ambitions, and talents of generations of girls and women - these dolls may be computer programmers, teachers, or computer engineers. Meant to inspire, these dolls are dressed in the uniforms or typical outfits of each occupation - in some cases, Barbie may even wear spectacles if she needs them to see fine detail while she's doing her job. These dolls aren't dresses in sparkly outfits and dripping in obvious glamor - instead, they illustrate real-life, hard-working ladies who contribute to society in a variety of different positions.

  • About Barbie

The Barbie brand is well established, but not immune to controversy - for example, feminists point to Barbie's unrealistic dimensions and measurements, which, if they were found on a real woman, would render this female unable to stand upright. Barbie is a symbol of femininity that plays into most little girl's version of fairy tale princesses - however, Barbies were initially only blond, white-skinned, and blue-eyed, so they provided a slightly myopic view of womanhood.

Today, the Barbie brand is branching out and trying to reflect the actual minds and souls of today's career women - the I Can Be dolls they've made in this spirit of progress are very popular with girls.
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Yes,I have a barbie but doesn't have a teacher codes.If you can give me then please provide me.

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