In The General Regard, What Importance Do Operating Systems Have? List Down The Various Types Of Services Provided By Operating Systems.


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From a precise regard, operating systems are the main system control program. They are responsible for supervising the overall operation of the computer. Moreover they allocate CPU time and main memory to programs running on the computer. Also they provide an interface between the user and the hardware.

Some of the services that operating systems provide are as follows:

Process management: This service manages programs running on the processor.

Multiprogramming or multitasking: Running of two or more programs or two or more tasks on the computer system simultaneously.

Multi threading: A type of multitasking that involves running of 2 or more tasks from the same application simultaneously.

Time-sharing- Users sharing same CPU, each of them using a different input/ output terminal.

Virtual memory: Simulates more memory to the program than is actually available in the computer.
File management and security: Manages the arrangement of and access to files in secondary storage.

Fault tolerance: Produces correct results and operates the program despite of faults/ errors.
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Operating system is the main program in a computer which is responsible for the allocation of resources to its various procedures. Without an operating system you can do any thing on you pc well its best to say that operating system is the soul of the computer,without operating system computer is just a dummy.
About the services so operating system is the master control software system that serves as a foundation for applications software.
This is main software that controls the allocation and usage of hardware resources such as memory, central processing unit (CPU) time, disk space, and peripheral devices.
Some of the operating systems are Microsoft windows XP,Microsoft windows 2000,98,linux ,mac and many more but these are famous.
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LOL, reading your last paragraph I can tell you are a LOT younger than me. I would have listed included in the list, Multics (grand parent of Unix and GCOS), Unix, GCOS, VMS, MVS, DOS/VSE, EXEC, WPS, CPM, MSDOS, AppleDOS, and AmigaDos. I would have just said Windows instead of listing a few versions.

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