What are the facilities provided by an operating system to an user?


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The operating system of a computer is the basic program which acts within the computer. The operating system allows the computer to perform functions in a specific way, and allows the user to be involved with the management of the computer and the material stored within it. There are various different operating systems available for computers, each with their positives and negatives. Some are more commercial and are suitable for personal computers, like Windows and Mac, but some are designed specifically for companies, businesses and establishments. For example, all of the police computers may be equipped with a specifically designed operating system.

The operating system of a computer should allow you to communicate easily with the computer. You should have control over what you want the computer to do. This could be through a text-oriented interface, which involves the user typing in commands using the keyboard, to which the operating system of the computer will respond. Most operating systems for personal computers operate a mouse-based interface, which is where users move the mouse in order to select different on-screen options in order to use the computer.

The operating system of a computer should allow you to control the different components, or peripherals, of the computer. These peripherals may include the keyboard, the monitor, the printer and the hard drive. You can control factors such as the speed and sensitivity of the mouse through the operating system of the computer.

Another facility which an operating system should allow you to use is the ability to locate, manage and update files on the computer. These files could be documents, music, videos or pictures. Your operating system should allow you to organize the files in a way that is easy and convenient for you to access them. You should also be able to manage programs and add-ons within your computer's operating system.
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The operating system is an vital part of a computer system,
it is an intermediary component between the application programs and the
hardware. The ultimate purpose of an operating system is twofold: (1) to offer different
service to users programs and (2) to control the functioning of the computer
system hardware in an efficient and useful manner.

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