How To Alter The Time Of The Computer Clock Using Windows XP?


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A need may arise for frequent travelers to change the Time and date of their computer.
Windows has enabled its users to change the time and date. To be able to do that, you will need to follow the instructions below:

1. First of all, Press Win-key on your keyboard or just click on the START button.
2. Second would be to search for Settings tab and click on it to find Control Panel (The control panel is designed to customize windows according to your needs, this includes adding Software etc)
3. Once the Control Panel opens, locate the icon named "Date and Time" and double click on it.

4. The Date and Time tool bar would open with various options, if you are a frequent flyer then go to the Time zone and select the country where you are stationed.
5. The Date can be selected from the Date & Time menu, the time can be changed manually as well in the space provided just below the analog clock.
6. Once the Date and Time has been changed go to the menu "Internet Time" and click on the option stating "Automatically synchronize with an Internet Time Server" and use windows server for that. This will enable your time to be as exact as possible. Once done, click O.K.
You are done!

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