How Do I Change The Date And Time On My Computer?


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If the date and time on you computer is not correctly shown, you might encounter problems while trying to make use of scheduling software. For instance while using the Non Rev Travel Planner.

To modify the date and time on the computer, follow the given steps:

Double-click on the time that is shown on the bottom right corner of the monitor. (If you have Windows XP as your operating system, the Date and Time settings can get automatically synchronised with any Internet time server.) After the Date and Time properties dialogue box opens up, use the drop down menu to select the exact month, year, and day. On the digital time readout, you can modify the time by clicking on the up or down arrow depending on the correct time. One can even change the time zone on the computer from the same dialog box.
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If you have XP and you are not synchronizing with an in house server, and you are connected to the Internet: Double click on the time in system tray, click the Internet time tab, check mark the "automatically synchronize with an Internet time server", and make the server name "". Once a week your computer will have its clock set to the correct time automatically. You can also, on the Internet time tab click update now to sync anytime.
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Try Clicking on the date and time in the lower right hand corner. A pop up box should appear and from there you can change it.
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On Microsoft, go to control panel, and go to an option that has date and time. A window will come up giving you the options of time travel ;)

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