How Do I Change My Computer Id?


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Shumaila Sadia answered
You have not clearly told that whether you want to change the name of your computer or the IP address. In order to change computer name, you should right click on the 'My Computer' icon located on the desktop. Then go to the properties and then click the tab 'computer name', there you would click the tab 'change' in order to rename your computer. And in order to change the IP address you should let the network administrator know so that he or she can configure the IP on the domain as well.
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Parker Bird answered
Today I talked with a guy from India who said he was calling to help me "fix" my computer problems. I'm an idiot and I gave him my computer id number so he could access my computer and show me what was wrong. Eventually I found out it was a scam.  Is it possible to change my computer id number so that this guy does not have access to my computer anymore?

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