What Is The Difference Between Windows Xp And Windows Server?


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Windows Server provides full range of powerful management tools. It manages different computers on a network and provide services to these computers. Windows Server manages :

User rights
and a lot more.

Windows XP is an operating system that is used both at homes and offices. There are a few editions of Windows XP, such as:

1- Windows XP Home edition - Primarily to use in homes
2- Windows XP Professional - It is a client operating system to be used  with Windows Server
3- Windows XP Media Centre Edition
4- Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
All Windows XP Editions except for Professional are not generally used with a Server on a network. You would need Professional Edition if you want to make a network of Computers with a Server.
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The main difference between windows XP and windows server that in XP we don't apply security to all users there is no concept of centralized security. In server all the rights are only with server or which we called administrator.
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Windows server make use of domains, active directory, dns and dhcp.  Windows xp does not
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Which window is faster window xp sp2 or window server 2008

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