What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Domain Name System Servers?


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The website offers a very comprehensive definition and explanation of domain name system servers and their use in modern culture. The domain name system is a system that allows you to find a website using your internet browser. When you click on your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox etc) you will be able to type the name of a website, for example into your webpage and the site will come up. Domain name system servers are computers that host domain names and website information. Therefore when you type a website into your internet webpage, you are essentially linking to another computer that holds all the information for the website you are looking at. The servers link into 'root computers' across the world that then collate internet websites and allow the internet to run, allowing the internet to work effectively. As far as advantages and disadvantages to this system, it is hard to say. The reason for this is that this is the only system of its kind available at the moment, and the lack of an alternative makes it hard to distinguish advantages and disadvantages as we have no frame of reference with which to compare this system to another system. The advantages could therefore be listed that it is the only system of its kind that will allow you to browse and use the internet and its use is necessary for most companies and people across the world. Without this system it would be impossible for people to access the internet, and the internet has become an essential part of our society. As for disadvantages, it would be hard to see them but it could be said that the reliance of technology to run the internet is one. If a server or computer breaks then the webpage hosted by the server or computer cannot run.

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