How Can I Clear Memory Space On My Computer?


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Everything you have said about files etc. Is correct but I believe you may have confused memory [RAM] with hard disk space ==> Click here for more information
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Usually this happen that, we use our computer for many weeks and don't delete our history and unused desktop items, then because of this our computer memory become full to such an extent, and for that purpose we have to clear our memory space.Whenever the memory become full then a pop-up window comes for deleting the Temporary internet files, recycled files and also for the cookies, unwanted shortcuts on your desktops (which is been not used for a long time).

You can manually delete the temporary internet files, by going to the internet options in the tools menu of the internet explorer, and also can delete your history fully, moreover can empty your recycle bin manually, the unwanted shortcuts on the desktops, so your memory space will be empty or clear.

Moreover there are many software available in the market or on the internet for the removal of extra files and the files which are left behind after the uninstalling of a file.
For example the "history cleaner" is software which delete all your history and its traces witch are left behind, and now with the Microsoft vista, there is a built-in software which deletes the files which are left behind after the software uninstalling.
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Empty the temporary files. Delete useless files and uninstall useless programs.
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Get rid of all the extras on it , like I had the same problem on mine a while ago and I deleted over 700 friends on here and it picked right back up which is why I don't carry so many friends anymore
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Clean up the cookies and temporary internet files from your Drive(in which the OS is installed), don't install any extra heavy softwares or themes until you use them, adjust your system according to maximum performance. If this all doesn't work increase your RAM and get the latest processor that's all I can say!!
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If you want to wipe your memory, you can download CleanUp! From and go to Options...  Then you can move the scroll bar between Thorough, Standard, Basic, and Custom cleanup options.
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Well there are many different ways via which you can clear space on your computer. First and foremost go through each and every drive of your hard disk and plainly delete all the files that you don't want.

Next click on the internet explorer, a web page will open, in this web-page towards the upper section there will be a tool bar. In that tool bar there will be a tools option click on it, as soon as you click on the tools option a pop-up will appear, in that pop-up select the internet options tab. As soon as you click on the internet options tab a dialogue box will appear.

In this dialogue box click on the delete cookies option and press OK, then click on the delete files option and press OK. In this way you will be able to delete all the unnecessary files which occupy your computer memory space.

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