How To Make My Twitter Picture Move?


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Use an animated gif
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There are some animation instructions here:
Or, Tiffany Dow explains on her blog how to make a moving picture from a video clip:

Step 1: Create a short video clip - under 8 seconds. Mine was 3 seconds. All I'm doing is waving and mouthing “Hi!” I used my handy dandy Flip Mino. I plugged it in and imported it to Camtasia.

Step 2: Produce the video as a GIF file. I chose 64 colors. I played around with this - too many colors made the file too big. Too few and was just a bunch of dots hopping around the screen. Set it to custom size 150×112. On file size, make sure both options are checked - Disable callout fade…and use instant zoom-n-pan. Both options help reduce file size. Name it and finish it.

Step 3: Log into Twitter and go to Settings - Picture. Click browse and find the GIF file on your computer. When I tried doing it through FireFox, it kept saying Twitter is over capacity. But I then tried through AOL and it worked instantly!

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