How Can People Respond To My Tweets On Twitter?


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Gemma Wyer answered
The simplest way somebody can respond to a tweet is by hitting the reply button below the tweet.

When somebody replies to one your tweets, your username is automatically inserted at the beginning of the tweet, and it shows in your mentions list.

What is a mention?
When somebody replies to your tweet or adds your username to a tweet, you are alerted and it shows in your mentions tab. 

To see which tweet it is that they've replied to, click on the tweet and it will expand, showing you the original tweet too.

It is also possible for other uses to retweet your tweets.  This means that your tweet is then visible to Twitter uses who follow the user who retweeted you.

It is not possible for your tweets to be retweeted if you have your account set to private.

Direct Messages
Direct messages, or DMs for short, are a way of sending private tweets to another user.

The user will be alerted once you've sent them a message, which will appear much like a text message conversation appears on a mobile phone. 

The length of the DM is the same as a tweet.
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James Mackay answered
Anyone can reply to one of your tweets by placing an @[your name] and then typing their message.

For instance: @jmack13 answering questions on

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