Can I Tweet From My Phone?


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Katie Harry answered
Yes you can! In fact, using twitter from your cell phone allows you to make the most of twitter as you are constantly in touch with your social circle on twitter. Even on the go and without your PC, the twitter world is not out of reach for you. Since twitter is also becoming a famous tool for broadcasting important news, using it from mobile phones increases the efficiency with which the news spreads.

Using twitter from your phone is not complicated at all. All you have to do is as follows.

On the twitter website, go to settings and in devices, enter your cellular number. Once it has been processed and saved, you have to choose a code (any combination of numbers) to 40404.

Once that is done, you can set how you want to tweet and with whom would you share your tweets with. You can either publish your updates to everybody or a chosen few. Also, you have the option to choose times at which you would rather receive updates so that you are not disturbed during work/school/college hours etc.

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