How Can I Change My Font On Twitter Like This?


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The website is a nifty service which allows you play around with the fonts on any site, giving a vast array of choices that you may want to change it into. Use the link above and it takes you to a main page with some examples, you just need to type in the address of the site that you want to change and voila, your chosen site appears with its new font. The fun has just begun however, because, a toolbar appears above the (in your case, Twitter) site, and it gives you a set of options that you can change the site to, and most importantly it gives you the option if returning it to normal! You can play around with combinations, so you can change all the fonts or just the sans serifs and the serifs until you find a combination that you like.

The Twitter font was graphically designed to look more appealing to users. Therefore Twitter does not offer any options to change its font, it is set. It might be possible to change its size you can make it bigger or smaller purely by using the settings on your own computer (widen your fingers on the trackpad if it’s a Mac or increase the magnification in your browser on a Windows computer).  Twitter does allow you to change the design of your page and the troubleshooter, as seen at this link:
You might want to try contacting Twitter directly through their blog or by mail at their office in San Francisco, too.
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You can only change the font colors in the Twitter design settings. Changing the font style is currently not an option.

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