How Do I Embed A Font In InDesign?


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I have some exploring of my own to do with embedding, but from what I understand InDesign is -supposed- to automatically embed fonts. But we all know it doesn't. Somewhere along the way (I'm assuming when it pulls up the options for your pdf-to-be) you need to find options for SUBSET FONTS- it will then ask you for a percentage. Put in 100%.

The other thing you have to know is that some fonts have permissions. Click that yes, you do, because if you don't it simply won't anyway. Some creators of fonts do not leave permission in the font usage for embedding, some do. Check your terms and conditions etc to find which ones allow what.

Hope that is a good start. Like I said, this is all gleaned information for me too.
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Well to use specific fonts first of all you need to download the fonts into your computer and then install it in the directory where you want to use the fonts. for example you are using dream weaver then you add the font in the dream weaver font folder and in this way you will be able to use those fonts in your design.

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