How Can I Download Free Font Styles For Microsoft Word?


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If you want to download free fonts for your Microsoft Word program, all you have to go is log on to the Internet and visit a website called

This website contains over thirteen thousand free fonts. The fonts have been categorised on the basis of script-based fonts, three-dimensional fonts, broken fonts, Christmas fonts, decorative fonts, formal fonts, Gothic fonts, image-based and symbolic fonts, non-Latin fonts, pixel fonts, etc.

The fonts are arranged in alphabetical order even within the categories, which is why they are easily noticeable. They look visually appealing and create a good impression in the minds of the readers.
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I don't know, but I think search free download of font styles!!!!and remember 2NE1!!!1
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Download font to my microsoft word program?
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The link you shared is no longer relevant. Can anyone recommend a good site with free and original fonts?

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Yes, for some reason I got the same error when I logged into that site. Well, I know an alternative option such as I've been using it for a couple of years now, as I'm running my own vlog and I often need to use different fonts in my videos. Right now I'm vacationing in Hawaii and was looking for some authentic font that I could use for the promo cover of my new vlog. The Hawaiian Punk that I downloaded from the website I shared the link to with you was perfect for me. Maybe some other blogger like me could use it.

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If you apply font style in text in msword2007. Then goto home and select the font from the formatting toolbar and apply it. If you want to insert new font style in msword 2007 then you can download the font style from internet. Open and type the font style in search text box then enter. It will be show the multiple link related to font style . Download it and copy it into the font directory. It will automatically insert into the mswork font style list.
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