How Can I Add Fonts To Word 2003?


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A font is basically the term used to describe a graphic pattern which is applied to a group of numbers, symbols as well as characters. A font depicts a particular typeface, along with other features like size, spacing etc. Fonts can be classified as Outline fonts, Printer fonts, Internal fonts, Raster fonts, Vector fonts etc.

Microsoft Word is the flagship word processing software in the Microsoft Office software program. It provides a large variety of fonts for use, plus font variations like bold, italic etc. In order to install fonts go to C:/Winnt/Fonts and you will see that the menus in the active window get modified. From here you can install new fonts.

For more information on the working of Microsoft Word, go to the given link -
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Download some fonts that you want in word. If they r in compressed form extract them and copy them, and go to control panel-> fonts->paste

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