How Do You Remove The Drawing Canvas From Microsoft Word 2003?


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When we insert any auto shape, Microsoft Word 2003 automatically creates canvas. This is some time very troublesome to place with other text or objects. There are is a very simple way to remove these canvases.

Select the auto shape or any other object of drawing and cut it by using Ctrl + X or Edit -> Cut from menu bar. Now place your cursor to any other area and paste it by using Ctrl + V or Edit -> Paste from menu bar. If there are more objects in the drawing canvas then select these objects by press Shift key.

After this, place the object to any other place and simply click on the canvas and press delete, the canvas will be deleted. If we do not want the canvas next time, we create the drawing and then we can disable this option. Simply go to menu bar and select Tool -> Options. The options dialogue box will be opened. Now select General tag from the box and see the last option "Automatically create drawing canvas when inserting Auto Shapes". Uncheck this checkbox and then press OK.

Next time you create an Auto Shape there will be no canvas. By using this option, the canvas problem permanently can be solved
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I unchecked "auto create drawing canvas" but still get it.
The cut and paste did not work

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