How Do I Create A Separate Running Head From The Header In Microsoft Word?


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On a PC, go to File -- Page Setup and under the Layout tab is a place to check mark a  box that says "Different First Page."  This will allow you to put a header different from the rest of the paper on the first page.  If you're on a Mac, go to the Format tab and select Documents.  The same check box appears as with the PC.
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Give clear directions of how to put a running  head only in one page and the rest without or how to put different running head in various pages. What are the direction  and assume that the people you are teaching are not aware. Then you will assist us.
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I don't believe it's possible to create a header that changes from one page to the next.  I'm writing a paper with the same formatting requirement, and I've created one document for my title page and another for the rest of the paper.  Just make sure you format the page numbers to start at 2.

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