Can I Make Letter Head Using The Microsoft Word?


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Nouman Umar answered
It is easy to create the company letterhead by using the Microsoft word software. The only two versions of the Microsoft word support this feature one is Microsoft word 2002 and Microsoft word 2003. There is option in the Microsoft word for creating a standard letter heads by using the wizard using the Microsoft word. It provides you different options like you can assign your letter head title, you can select different formats from the letterheads, you can give different color to your letter head, you can specify the width and length of your letter head. So there are different options you can try to make your own letter heads.

So in this way you can easily make your letter head. If your Microsoft version does not support this function then you can easily upgrade your version by the Microsoft website if you are using licensed version of Microsoft word. So by using the wizard in the Microsoft word you can make a letter head in just few minutes. So this is very convenient to the users instead of getting in the hassle of designing or developing. The word letter head wizard gives you plenty of options that you can use to make your letter head.

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