How Do I Check My Spelling And Grammar In Microsoft Word?


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When you have finished typing your document, click on 'Tools'. Then, click on 'Spelling and Grammar'. The spell checker will then pick out all the words which are underlined in your document. It will then give a suggestion in the window below. You can choose to ignore, ignore all, add, change, change all, or auto correct.

Clicking on the 'Ignore' option will cause the spell checker to move onto the next word without correcting the previous word. 'Ignore All' will cause the spell checker to ignore all the mistakes in your document. If you select 'Add', this will enable the word to be recognised in future documents, meaning that it won't be underlined and will be classed as a correct word. Clicking on 'Change' will cause the spell checker to change the selected word to the suggestion in the box below. 'Change All' changes all the mistakes in the document without you having to go through them individually. 'Auto correct' will allow a mistake to be automatically change whilst you are typing.
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Ashley Halbot
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Can you help me? I cannot get into the ‘Spelling and Grammar’ icoc because it seems to be blocked... What can I do to unblock it? PLEEZE HELP ME!!!!
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We have various online and offline grammar checker tools however being expensive only a couple of us are able to use them. There is an option of using in built spell and grammar checker form MS word, but it has a lot of glitches. If you have been seeking a grammar checker online, your search ends here at Easy to use, easy to access and top notch grammar checker allowing users to improve the language of their documents, this online checker allows you to proofread all kinds of documents.
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It may sound weird but for some reason I cannot access into the 'Spelling and Grammar' icon. I WANT it to correct my mistakes. How do I fix this?
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Perhaps you could check that you've got the spelling and grammer tool on show? You may have to tick a box to get it to show up. Go to "Tools" and then "Options" and there should be a selection of boxes for you to tick to access the spelling and grammar. Hope this helps!

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