How Do I Change The Colour Of My Text In Microsoft Word?


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Louise Gorman answered
You can change the colour of your text by highlighting the text and then clicking on the 'A' symbol on the toolbar. This will change your text to the colour which is underneath the symbol 'A' on the toolbar. To change the colour, click on the arrow next to the symbol and select one of the colours from the small box which appears. This will change the colour of your text as soon as you click on the colour.

Another way of changing the colour of your text is to go to 'Format' and then click on 'Font'. The font window should appear. Select a colour from the 'Colour' section. You can see a preview of what the text will look like in the box below. You can also add various effects to your text by using the options in the 'Effects' section. This will also allow you to see a preview in the box at the bottom of the window.
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You can change it by select the text and right click on it choose the font option then change the color.

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