How To Check And Change Font Size And Colour?


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Most programs that are popular today allow a user to both check, as well as to change the font size wherever and whenever required. All the various options available will be found on the tool bar, where you will find that you can select the font you want, designate the color you want, and make it the size you want.
If you need to change the look of your font on your internet browser, then you can do this by changing the background, the colors that you need to use for the text, and also change the size of the font you are using to make it more suitable to you. However, you do have to keep some pointers in mind: if you increase the size of your font, you can only read a little information at a time, as compared to a smaller font and more information. Also, remember not to change the background and the font into the same color; your text will become invisible.
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Normally applications like word and note pad come with separate options which help you select the font size as well as the colour; these options are found in the tool bar.

You can select the type of font that you want along with its size, there over fifty font styles available in word, ranging from Times New Roman to Arial etc. Microsoft Office Word basically is a Microsoft's flagship word processing software. It was initially launched in the year 1983, with the name Multi-Tool Word and was made for Xenix systems. Over the period of year different versions were created for other platforms like IBM PCs, the Apple Macintosh, SCO UNIX, OS/2 and Microsoft Windows.

Before being designed quiet a few ideas of word were purchased from Bravo, which was the initial GUI word processor created by Xerox PARC.

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