How Do You Change The Size Of The Font On Aol?


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When we print something the size of the font is so small we can hardly read do we change that?
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For email fonts you go to the taskbar directly above where you type your email and click on the arrow with numbers to the left of it. It will let you drag the highlighted area down to larger numbers, which is your font size.
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To change the font size on AOL, go to your page and perform the following applications: Type the font size tag as it is given here: . Here, 'x' refers to the number of the size that you require. You could specify any number from 1 to 7 in the place of x. ordinarily; the size of a font is usually 3.

To make your text very big, type out the tag: . Here, 'x' refers to any number from 1 to 100. Ordinarily the font size used is 10.

Tags to highlight text, for bold text, for italic text etc are also available. However, one cannot make use of underlined text or strikeout text.

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