How To Change Font Size On Samsung Tocco Lite?


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There is a way to change the Samsung Tocco Lite text size. It is extremely simple, you have to use the sound arrows when you are on a text message and the font size will increase and decrease when you press the up and down buttons.

You can also download apps on to this phone which will make some of the other font features easier to use too. There are apps that you can download that will change the typeface and make the font completely different. This is especially good for when you find a particular typeface hard to read or find that some of the letters look very similar.

Some fonts on computers can look completely different on a phone so it can be really useful to download an app that allows you to change the font and size for your phone.

There are also apps that you can get that will allow you to make everything that is seen on the screen bigger. This will include icons and different parts of your pictures. This can help if you are extremely short of sight or find it hard to read from a screen in bright sunlight.

When searching for these apps online some things that may be worth searching are;

  • Change font
  • Font size
  • Screen enlarge
  • Font art
  • Phone wallpaper
  • Phone style
These will bring up all of the apps that will change the look of your cell phone. Some of these will be free and others you will have to pay for to be able to use the full versions.
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Use the arrows buttons on the side of your self phone. Press down for smaller letters :-)
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Use the sound arrows the top 1 to make your font bigger and if you want to make it small press the bottom aarow and while in messages :P
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What you have to do is visit this site and there is a tutorial for the phone and their is a section on fonts & Sizes


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