How Do You Turn On Motorola Cell Phone V551?


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The Motorola V551 has a red button on its keypad, which also has an icon of a red telephone. Simply press it for one or two seconds for it to turn on. The same button on the V551 is also used to end a call.

The Motorola V551 comes from the brand’s popular range of flip phones, which has received good reviews because of good price points, usability, and durability. Its features include Bluetooth, 176x220 display, speakerphone, integrated VGA, and email all in a sleek silver and blue exterior. The V551 also features a decent video and camera function which is very easy to use. It also has a powerful battery life, as long as the users drain them out properly before charging, because charging it on full bars is one of the worst things you can do.

However, reading reviews can show that many users of the phone have had problems with it freezing as they use too many applications at once. This should not be a hindrance in using this model because all you need to do is to reboot it: A very simple process, just remove the battery and SIM, blow a little on the SIM and inside of the phone to remove any dust, then put back the SIM and battery and turn on by pressing the red button.

Apart from that, the Motorola V551 is easy to use and is a great phone that will last you a long time. You can choose the display on the screen to be either in icon or list view, whichever you find suits you best. You can even download MP3s and set it as your ringtone, using the in-phone browser. For those who text frequently, you’ll be happy to know that the rubbery buttons make it simple to type, send, and receive text messages. What more could you want in a phone?
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There is a red color button which is also used to end the call. Press the button for one or two seconds to turn the mobile ON.
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Hold red button ( end call button ) for a couple of seconds and the phone will come on.

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